Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Amazon Book Categories - RANT

Now maybe I'm odd, but I actually use book categories on Amazon as a reader searching for a new book.  It's come to my attention recently that categories do NOT reflect book contents or topics anymore.  They reflect the ingenuity of the writer.

It's disappointing to me to see authors requesting categories that are small just to have their book make #1 with less effort.  Again, maybe it's just me, but this would be meaningless to me to have a suspense thriller get a #1 banner for British essays or American Letters and Correspondence.  I've never even heard of those categories before, yet it's happening every day.

It's sad that Amazon can't patrol that, but I understand it's a vast empire and authors should be more ethical than that.  In addition, those authors that truly write dramas and plays or essays are having their categories invaded by inappropriate books and it's not fair to those that actually write in those categories.

It's just deplorable to me.  It's right up there with BUYING REVIEWS.  I can't stomach that either, which is why I have few.  Yet I wouldn't enjoy them if I'd paid for them.  I only want honest organic spontaneous reviews, left by readers who want to share.

As I began, maybe I'm odd but I wish authors would be authentic and genuine.  This unethical behavior is so disappointing.

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