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I'm a multi-tasker! In other words, I am always doing at least two things at once. (My son finds this idiosyncrasy very annoying.) I don't know a lot about any one thing because my attention is always divided so I am not writing this blog to share any expertise with you. I am actually seeking your help in expanding my knowledge. My interests are varied so there may appear to be no theme to my posts but again, I jump around a lot. I'm hoping my collection of thoughts will inspire you to comment and give me added direction.

Because I have many disjointed interests I have tried to segregate my life into nice compartments and I end up with multiple Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds that are frustrating to keep up with. Here, on my blog, I am not going to restrain all these different facets of myself. Here you may see a book review, a tech update, a political satire, a crochet pattern, an animal rights protestation or a recipe. I am going to wear ALL my hats. You have been warned...


Dotty said...

I am enjoying the Spicetown Mystery series on my iPad. I like Cora and Conrad and their interactions with people in the town. Just curious about a reference in Ch. 12 of A Bell in the Garden. The coroner says the bones indicate an injury to the saphoid bone. I looked it up and that is a bone in the wrist. In the next paragraphs, Conrad asks, "Would it have affected his gait," and Alice responds that the man would probably have been able to walk pretty well. I'm thinking maybe an editor just missed that.
Please keep writing. Nice to have cozy mysteries when the world is in such chaos.

Anonymous said...

Great Page!