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I'm a multi-tasker! In other words, I am always doing at least two things at once. (My son finds this idiosyncrasy very annoying.) I don't know a lot about any one thing because my attention is always divided so I am not writing this blog to share any expertise with you. I am actually seeking your help in expanding my knowledge. My interests are varied so there may appear to be no theme to my posts but again, I jump around a lot. I'm hoping my collection of thoughts will inspire you to comment and give me added direction.

Because I have many disjointed interests I have tried to segregate my life into nice compartments and I end up with multiple Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds that are frustrating to keep up with. Here, on my blog, I am not going to restrain all these different facets of myself. Here you may see a book review, a tech update, a political satire, a crochet pattern, an animal rights protestation or a recipe. I am going to wear ALL my hats. You have been warned...

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