Sunday, November 27, 2022

 Book 2 is available!

The trouble begins when Chauncey declares that the newest houseguest of the Keslar Mansion is just not passing his sniff test!  
Chauncey, the large gray crazy-whiskered cat, has been fairly tolerant of houseguests up to this point, but the latest arrival has been deemed unacceptable.  With the mansion on edge trying to plan Amanda Morgan's wedding, the citizens of Spicetown in an uproar over a mysterious traffic patrolman disrupting their streets, and long-lost relatives arriving at the Keslar mansion, Grace has a full schedule.

Can they resolve all the discord without disrupting the wedding?  Perhaps Chauncey's doppelganger can help!

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Saturday, April 9, 2022


On sale this weekend!

Book 6 in the Spicetown Mystery series is having a 99cent Sale through the weekend!

With construction in full throttle in the new subdivisions, and the income tax filing deadline looming over her head, Mayor Cora Mae Bingham is revamping the Annual Easter Eggs-Travaganza and trying to figure out who is in the Easter bunny suit this year, when a dead body has to be added to her To-Do list.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

A Spicetown Spin-off Series!

 Release day Tuesday March 8, 2022!

Grace Keslar, a wealthy eccentric widow living near Spicetown, Ohio, has opened a new business and invited customers to stay in her large home while they visit Spicetown.

Her crazy-whiskered gray cat, Chauncey, (who may or may not be her late husband reincarnated) has done his part to interfere with the preparations and discourage the lodging arrangement. Now as guests begin to arrive, all he can do is try to police the environment, alert the other household members to any wrongdoing detected, and find someone he can collaborate with while ridding the mansion of evil!

Grab your copy today!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Boxed Sets!


Do you love to binge a series?  Do boxed sets give you more KU reading for the download?  Or do you just like to save money on your ebook purchases??

These boxed sets will offer all of that!!  The whole Spicetown Mystery Series Books 1-9 in three easy options.  Amazon doesn't show you these options, so follow this link to grab yours! ~>





Thursday, November 11, 2021

Christmas in Spicetown!

Book 9 of the Spicetown Mystery Series is coming soon!

The pre-order for Silent Night Dynamite is live for a release date of December 7, 2021!

Mayor Cora Mae Bingham has a new friend that has come to town to straighten up the coal mine’s failed finances and keep the pay checks flowing faithfully through the holiday, but his financial fixes may cause some unanticipated fallout.

Canine Officer Briscoe helps find a missing photographer, but the developments turn dark when the police probe into her marriage. Only the dark room offers some light on the situation.

Despite these concerns, the citizens of Spicetown have a full heart at Christmastime and are busy preparing for the community play and choral presentation at the Community Center. Spicetown’s eccentric millionaire, Grace Keslar, is having a holiday party to celebrate her new business ventures, but Cora is concerned that perhaps her invitation got lost.

Even when Cora Mae thought she knew everything about everyone in town, Harvey “Saucy” Salzman finds a way to surprise her!