Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rough Passage to London by Robin Lloyd

Lyme, Connecticut, early nineteenth century. Elisha Ely Morgan is a young farm boy who has witnessed firsthand the terror of the War of 1812. Troubled by a tumultuous home life ruled by the fists of their tempestuous father, Ely's two older brothers have both left their pastoral boyhoods to seek manhood through sailing. One afternoon, the Morgan family receives a letter with the news that one brother is lost at sea; the other is believed to be dead. Scrimping as much savings as a farm boy can muster, Ely spends nearly every penny he has to become a sailor on a square-rigged ship, on a route from New York to London—a route he hopes will lead to his vanished brother, Abraham. 

My Take:  I won this advance proof in a Goodreads Giveaway and feel very fortunate for that.  I loved the story and the premise behind its writing. I enjoy researching my family history also and found the story even more engaging because it was an idea born from his family tree. I only wished he would have included a genealogy chart at the end to show us the family that followed and his relationship to the Sea Captain Elisha Ely Morgan.
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