Sunday, September 21, 2014

Moving House

Well, I've moved again and survived it.  Twice in less than a year is exhausting, but this time I hope to stay here for at least a year. Of course the house still looks like someone has ransacked it looking for a hidden key, but all my belongings are at one address.  Now the challenge is to find somewhere to put all of the things sitting in the middle of the room.

I always enjoy a new town.  Learning where things are, learning what the town has to offer and how to navigate the area are enjoyable challenges.  This town is rather small by comparison to others I've lived in though, so it may not take long to learn.  I'm sure I will be restless if I'm here much more than two years.  That is a personal flaw of mine in most people's opinion.  I become complacent when things are predictable and routine; I'm always ready to start anew.  I think I'm maximizing the time I'm given by exploring and experiencing as much as possible.  You only live once. 

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